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He was the king

Dhamayanthi was certain
That the cook was Nalan.
She told this to her father
“As a cook, Nalan is here.”

Vimarasan got confused

Vimarasan saw the cook,
But with cook’s ugly look,
He got confused, how that man
Could be his daughter’s Nalan?

From the talk he learnt

The cook talked like Nalan,
So, it could be her Nalan,
At first, Vimarasan guessed.
This finally, he confirmed.”

Show your real shape

Vimarasan said, ‘Oh Nalan,
Of this great land you own,
This is not your shape.
Show me your real shape.”

King Cobra’s robe

Nalan thought for while,
And gave a soft smile.
He got himself dressed.
With the robe he had.

(The robe was given
By the King Cobra)

Charioteer was gone

The shape of charioteer,
Was no more there,
Instead, the great warrior
King Nalan stood there.

Children found

His children shed tears
When they saw their father,
And fell at his feet
As a mark of respect.

How Dhamayanthi came?

There Dhamayanthi came
Wearing half cut sari, the same
One she wore in the forest.
With tears, she fell at his feet.

Tears covered her vision

He left her alone in the forest
Because her eyes were shut.
Now the tears blocked her vision.
So, clearly she couldn’t see Nalan.

Flowers rained

All Devas from the heaven
Showered flowers like rain.
They said, “Is there anyone
So noble like this Nalan?”

Kali’s request

Before Nalan, Kali appeared.
“Oh king, I’m well pleased.
For chastity, it’s your woman.
For justice, you’re the one.”

“You ask for any boon.
I’ll grant the same one.”
This Nalan’s story did melt,
Even the Kali’s stone heart.

Don’t go near

Nalan prayed, “Don’t go near
Those pious people, who hear
My story and trouble them
Now or at any time.”

Kali’s promise

Kali said, “I promise
That I’ll not catch those
Who hear your story,
Or cause them any worry.”

Gave a feast

Vimarasan gave a feast
To Nalan and the rest,
To celebrate their reunion
After years of separation.

Ayodhya King requested

Ayodhya King requested
“I may kindly be excused,”
He took leave of Nalan,
And went back alone.


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