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Got into the chariot

In front his army marched.
Behind him Kings followed.
With his wife and children,
To his own land, started Nalan.

What was the distance?

To Dhamayanthi’s question,
On the distance to destination,
Nalan said, “After seven hills,
Our Mavindam City lies.”

The Sun rise

Nidadha Nadu became bright,
When the sun rose with his light.
The City had a majestic look,
With the return of Nalan back.

Reached the city

King Nalan reached closer
To The Mavindam-border,
With his wife and children
And his army of men.

Sent a messenger

His messenger he sent
To Pushkaran straight
Asking him to meet
There on the spot.

Pushkaran saw

Pushkaran saw King Nalan
With his wife and children
Backed up by a big army.
And studied them slowly.

Made enquiry

He enquired, “Oh Nalan,
Hope all of you are fine?
Any trouble on your way?
Glad to see you this day.”

Placed the ring

For a dice game,
Nalan invited him.
Pushkaran agreed.
His ring Nalan staked.

Won the winner

Nalan played skilfully.
He won the games finally
All those he had lost,
He got them back at last.

Pushkaran went away

Having lost his game
And also his fame,
He went back to his place
With all his disgrace.

Nalan reached his place

Having won the game
And also his fame,
Nalan got back his city
And went there finally.

How to describe?

Mavindam, the city of peace
Will it match peacock dance
Or the abundant fertile land
That lies in and around?

Sage Vyasa blessed and went

Vyasa conclude, “Oh Dharman,
You heard the story of Nalan.
So, stop worrying at last.”
He blessed him and went.

Long live! Long Live!

Long live all the Vedas.
Long live learned Pundits.
Long live those who heard
And also those who read
This story of Nalan



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