Infinite love

a poem by Skye Whitnie Lovell, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

She didn't fall in love with you because you remembered her birthday or brought her flowers for no special reason, she didn't fall into the abyss that could ultimately end her because one look from you could take her breath away.
She fell in love with you because you ignited a flame within her soul that lit up the catacombs that protected her once still beating heart and broke down all barriers rendering her vulnerable and exposed in a way no man has ever been capable.
You where like coming up for fresh air after she spent half her life drowning in the sorrow that those before you left her in. You where everything she read about in fairytales, the dragon Slayer, the frog turned Prince. You are everything she never thought she deserved and so much more than she could ever imagine for herself, you are her infinite love.

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