from the Basement..

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Inspired by Robert Zimmerman

Hiding in this basement
wondering how the war went
thinking how time goes
too fast and then so slow
in the light of a black window
as I watch a dying cockroach
crawl across the floor..

Creaking with the bed springs
listening to the wind sing
outside in another dying day
God and his nemesis Satan
they're all having it both ways
as I watch the dying cockroach
succumb to his sins..

Dust falls from the ceiling
been removed from all feeling
but still my heart beats
as banks and cricketers cheat
as war begets all wars
and the worlds begs for more
bricks for the wall..

I'm think about leaving
this refuge from Aladdin's grieving
but the door is only painted on
while that window's way too small
I guess I'll stay after all
as the bombs begin to fall
and build a pyre for my last companion..

Roaming dreams no thoughts repeat
on wings instead of scurrying feet
he's not a lonely cockroach anymore
defied the lack of window and door
fought the flames and phoenix born
removed himself of all human scorn
its only death that keeps them hurrying.

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