a poem by paul ikeoluwa, Nigeria

She's beautiful in every way,
No matter what time of day.
In the morning or at night,
Her face is always a pretty sight.

Her eyes so beautiful and brown,
In her tears, I'd like to drown.
A smile that goes on for a thousand miles,
Time seems to stop when she smiles.

When I see her my heart skips a beat,
This girl so beautiful and sweet.
And no matter what time of day,
She is beautiful in every way.
She defines beauty and intelligence.
She's a woman who has it all.
Her sexiness is so intoxicating.
It makes men and women fall.
Her mind is so creative.
And her body's so unique.
Her words can take your breath away.
Her smile can make you weak.
She is a phenomenal woman.
Who knows she's got that fire.
You can see it in her walk.
When she enters a room you feel it.
Like a cool and gentle breeze.
Her presence is so powerful.
It makes everything in her path freeze.
She has the prettiest eyes.
That matches her gorgeous face.
She is truly one of a kind.
That can never be replaced.


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