"My beloved, who proffered her hand" - (Musketeers Challenge) #88

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

With 'gift of touch' - could heal a broken heart
(Such cares to fade away midst sweet release)
'A world within a world' would then impart
Engaging with held dreams (a sense of peace)
Now reaching out may seem a tad bizarre
When e'er I feel you (somehow) close at hand
Yet where thou art, twud not be deemed so far
By those who share in warmth of wedding band
Tis but a separation, borne thru time
Endured by both who harbour love for each
Tho 'grasping air' appears more practiced mime
Connection's made with those beyond our reach
In every sense thou live (tho now art gone)
If I thru selfish aim 'keep holding on'

Aramis /|\

"The Best Laid Spans" (Memorial Challenge) for 'JJ'
Book of "Inspirational Title Challenges"
Memorial (of thought) - Musketeers Challenge #89
Rockman - inoff' (deflections)
(Surround Sound)

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