a poem by Olomolehin John, Nigeria

Her hair burst open the gate of affection
In my heart
Her attraction landed on me unusually
Like drizzles of rain from an unclouded sky
On a summer noon

The natural dreadlock echoed the goodness in her personality
And the discernible boundaries of her limits

From a near distance the mane mirrored
A mulatto of brown and seducing black colours
And at a kissing distance it turned black and grey contesting the cell-rich follicles
The dreadlock settled its length on the shoulders
Like the normal overlap of a sizable bedsheet before tuck in

And the presence of her oval face uncovered that uncommon and an uncosmestic flavour of beauty
That can be picked without many trips
For a contest exposing natural beauties

She spoke, and her voice melted
With her gazes, represented her independence well
She carted away remaining stock of my feelings
With her views and the grace in her expression
Behold I stood side by side, on a lucky evening, walking with her
Convinced that another destiny-launched
rocket landed in my life for a mission

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