a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

Galileo, early life, sojourns Alps Apennines;
Turns Renaissance polymath, by means universe,
Whereby dappled woods thrive in beech, fir, vines,
Erelong such boy ensamples facts diverse.

Thus anon gilds an acclaimed coined obverse,
When he philosophy and science indites,
Whose data didst sooner globally transverse;
Thence learned scholars propagate that he writes.

Given that Galileo discerned cosmic heights;
Hence, didactic ethos due to this great thinker,
From Vallombrosa with Pisa in his sights,
Still, by house arrest pursues to tinker.

Withal he further writes that forsooth proves
That earth loops the sun, declares: “And still it moves.”

©Adam Archer 2018

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