a poem by Ugwu Ifeanyi Leonard Elvis(Leonard D Great), Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

Because I am black

The ringer board; like a checker board do I sound the gong of a dying song,
“Because I am black” yet dark, tell me!!! What do I lack?
Oh!!! White they say; God, Angels…and, Devils remain black;
No wonder they board us into carcasses and disgrace our gracious greezels,
“Because we are black”

Yes!! Because! I am black!!! The heroes of yesteryears I surpass the castle of their dinning mantle,
Don’t mind them, flips their memories that black existed before the mighty God made light
So do I speak? Black is original!!!
Then, why savaging the winning dame into crashing bay

Oh!! “Because I am black”
Is this why you crown white and clown black
Oh!!! You think my black is whack and your white is right,
Bad news!!! Your white is stained and my black is black

Damn!! “Because I am black”
Can’t dance the dance of a dancing dagger,
Oh!! Can’t flow my ink to their crowing wagon,
I can’t do this if I am white! Can’t call them
Black magoons… never!!!

Because we are black not backward,
Deceptive sights, arrogant patriots, inhuman looks,
Brethren Flemish all these lets live in peace,
Be proud of white but I stand to be proud of black.

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