Advice to Mislead

a poem by Nkwelle Assurance Nkwelle, Cameroon

I am President.
Lord absolute, fear mongering.
Whoever rules by constitution flips.

Follow a three-horned beast,
And your path to freedom is guaranteed.
Rule not for them, but for yourself.

For I am President.
Constitution's a guide, heart is better.
The state's a hydra.

Follow words of popular demand while
On seat and unseat yourself.
They are maimed, see near not far.

I am President.
My words hewn from a generation and
Half dozen years of practice.

Follow their voice and unseat your reign.
My wind is not for them. 'Tis for me.
Remember, in politics:

Do onto others before they do onto you.

Yes, my creed, these years, that is.
Fan me to glory, I did serve my master well.
We are Presidents for ourselves after all.

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