Our Need for Memories. 89th Musketeer Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Without memories, life would be a bore,
and it’s the greatest reason to add some more.
Later, when happenstance excites recall,
a memory can answer the needed call,
by raiding the vaults of our lifetime’s store.

A memory is a moment held precious and dear,
that’s saved to mark a moment we revere.
When occasions arise, it can be, as we tell all,
savoured again, being well suited to recall.
For such a moment is always held dear.

When a happening of merit, is one to treasure,
possessed of an importance we cannot measure,
we enjoy a moment of heart warming excitement,
as we reveal a memory, captured as a unique event,
which was never forgotten, as a source of pleasure.

With a happening recalled on a future day,
we relive the moment in an especial way.
For such is the truth of a recalled Memory,
when shared with close friends or family,
for it always brightens up a dourful day!

At any time, a consequence of importance
remains dormant until, one day happenstance
allows us to retrieve the moment we captured,
and its recall leaves us once again enraptured.
Such is the pleasure a memory can - in an instance

bring to a conversation. Ah Memory?
What a blessing - or curse, it can be!
But without? Life would prove a bore.
Good, bad, or indifferent, our personal store
can produce a mental picture we’ll adore!

Rhymer. June 12th, 2018.
My thoughts on "why" Memories are so important in our lives.

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