I Want to Be Child Again

a poem by Dhal Bahadur Jirel 'Ravi', Nepal

The days of my childhood
Were so magical so true
My heart was butterfly
Wanting to soar up the sky
To get to the moon
Knowing not any more
whereabout I was
Wanting to go accross
The far seen horizon.

On the long awaited
Leisurely weekend's
Days at play
knowning not anymore
If it was dawn or dusk
Every sweet moment
Under the canopy of clouds
And the sun and the shower
Mud stuck allover
And diving unclothed
Into the nearby deep river
With loving companions
And caring relatives.

I used to be the prince
Of my PAPA and MAMA
Having them hold their fingers
Share smile and wipe my tears
Yea, I used to be the richest
Man in the world possesing
True treasure of happiness.

If I would be blessed
With blessing from you
I would ask you, my lord
PAPA and MAMA to me
So that I could hold
Their fingers and walk
I could lay on their lap
And nap for a while.
Lord, I want to go
To my childhood days again
To be lost in bliss forever.

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