Teacup Clown

a poem by Onyeka Anyakora, Nigeria

Be still, don't say a word
Run from excitement, it a trap
A piece of kindness, thats how they get you
The walls are opening, NO! Keep them close

Escape, run, run, run
Happiness is the beginning of failure
He said a word, don't acknowledge him
She whispered but don't believe a word

They are friendly, that's the enemy
Why have an adventure, when you can have boredom
New faces, be very afraid
If they talk to you, it may destroy the world

They smoke weed, that's the spawns of Satan
They ask to take you out, the initiation has begun
That smile, dodge that it's actually a bullet
Eye contact, NEVER! You won't take me alive

Alone, love looking at the ceiling in silence
Friends, what a strange word, they must be aliens
Black guys!! Run, run, run. They eat people
Keep a distance from everything foreign, that's the cure to ignorance

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