The Android world

a poem by Nkwelle Assurance Nkwelle, Cameroon

Deep in the fabric of our being,
These machines rule.
Our body cells in celluloids weaved,
And man to man connection severed,
The Android the window to the world.

Yes, but isn't it inimical to the interpersonal?
All the world's now an image.
Picture here picture there.
And time dedicated to the android, severs
Us. We're limited to 'likes' and 'unlikes'.

Who rules then, the android or man?
The gigantic celluloids that have lumped
us all to a screen, phones and compu-
ters, their remote.
We are tuned in tuning.

The Android, our lost hope, our detached
We revel in the age, we perish by the age.
In this android-engulfed universe, are we
virtual or are we real?
Should the virtual the real become
Or the real the norm remain?

We brought this upon ourselves. Technologues designed us and now,
Robots shape our days, our lives.

Android's a god and gradually the world's
becoming subdued. Android reigns.
Android's a duplicity, imaged from
diversed spheres.

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