Without One Shoe - 89th Musketeers Inspirational Challend - A cherished memory I would share with yo

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

Indian buses aren't what they used to be, they are much more friendlier now, you see,
But when I was young, in my tumultuous teens, they were lean mean moving machines.

Getting on a bus was an acquired skill, (an adventure, if you ask me, quite a thrill )
Like leaping monkeys, we'd board a movin' bus, or it'd blissfully zoom ahead...without us.
Very few drivers were gracious enough.
They wouldn't halt. They'd play it tough.

And so I happen to recall that day, the skies were blue, not a cloud grey,
When a very merry group of 6 of us, were waiting for our killer bus.
And there it came, honking it's horn, with garlands, flowers, all adorned.
A monster, a lion, the king of the road, with smugness, carrying loads and loads.

And though the bus slowed, lost some speed, getting on it was daunting indeed,
With athletic skills, I lifted my feet, and into the moving bus, in one swoop - leaped.
But my euphoria didn't last for long.
In fact, in a jiffy, it was all gone.

Imagine the horror that filled my mind, when I discovered I had left a shoe behind!
( If only I hadn't succumbed to fashions lure, my shoe would've been safe AND secure).
Now it lay abandoned at the bus stop, while into the bus I'd heroically hopped.

My famous 5 looked pretty amused..while I was sheepishly red. I almost fused.
Of course, I had little choice.
Stop! I screamed at the driver in a shrieking voice.
I shook my leg and my hands too. I showed him my foot, my missing shoe.

Thank goodness for small mercies....transportation courtesies
He brought the bus to a screeching halt. ( i thought I saw someone somersault).
But I had little time for such olympic spectacles, considering my embarrassing, debutant bus debacle.
Without much fuss, much ado, I leapt out of the bus, and retrieved my shoe,
All eyes on me, my back burned, but of course, a valuable lesson I had learned -
Before you fasten your belt, fasten your shoe, if left behind, what would you do?

Till today, the cheeky chants follow me around,
Nishu, Nishu, do you really need your shoe? Leave one for the road, you could do without two.

Repost. One of my earliest poems.

(I wanted to bunk college for a few days after this debacle, but I didn't. I was really embarrassed. Now this makes me smile.)

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