Share in the Silence

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Allow me to engage with all thou see
Twud help to open eyes (now welled by tears)
To make 'some sense' of where thou choose to be
Perchance (thru more insight) dispel held fears
My view suggests (from here) thou art at peace
Tho how this manifests, I'm still unsure
Withdrawal for a time, may be release
Should 'clear as day' (for thee) prove more obscure
How does one view the 'outside' from 'within'
When once thou were a part of life's routine
Sweet countenance (now more of sad 'Shaolin')
Expressionless at times; a worn smoke screen?
What e'er such comfort's gleaned from silent state
I need to share yon space; once more relate

Aramis /|\ (Grandpa)*

"...and the World around is Crumblin' Down...darlin'.... "
Matters of the Heart
Cast Adrift (once more)
"...and the World around is Crumblin' Down...darlin'.... "
"One of Life's Greatest Gifts” (Musketeers Challenge)#90

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