Ode to Greatness

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Ode to Greatness

If I didn't do something amazing with my words,
I mean something REALLY AMAZING with my words, my Art,
Then I would be failing not only myself but all of those who I had loved or who had (HAD) loved me throughout the entirety of my life; and,
There had been many! So MANY!

I held steadfast in the belief that all good deeds would be repaid; and, that hard-work, dedication and perseverance would ultimately lead us to the promise land, whether the journey turns out to be a smooth and easy ride, or a painstakingly tumultuous-up-hill-battle, no one Knew.

I was ready to battle the greatest of all time, they could critique me and dislike me if they must. The story had to be written, the arrangements were being woven into the larger, broader Web. As you step back, you realize the potential within us all if we could only work together, if we truly wanted change. Until the movement comes, we settle for a compromised world, we settle for less than perfect. But we must do better, we must all want Peace? Right

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