The Lord is what I live for

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

I am not fighting anymore; I don’t need it I am complete
Praising the Lord for His brilliance is my best feat

I am not trying to find my peace; I have with the Lord each day
I found completeness by serving the Lord and others along life’s way

I don’t care about the secular world for it causes harm
I don’t want to hear about the latest tragedy, for me it is no charm

Some may criticize me but it’s because they are caught up Satan’s hate
I know if I do things the Lord’s way I will have a better fate

The pages of this life will pass by and I will live them in peace, if I can
I will not fight anymore for I am a brother to my fellow man

People will rush you; they will overwhelm you, but be still in your heart
You are helping the Lord by surviving this world and playing your part

People are suffering, I am sorry about that, but the Lord loves them more
I don’t live for the flesh; I live for the Heavens, the Lord that is what I live for

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