Intervening World

a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India

(About day-dreaming next to a parrot,Meethu and a baby spotted through the window

Those in italics are thoughts of the little bird :) )

While Meethu pins her eyes,
I shut myself up at her piercing gaze
Apt distraction from the veil of ideas
Show of fear clearing frowns aface.

Plunging into a life of living imagination
A pathway for speculations to materialise
Ripping off sheets of scribbled ideas
Tempting Miss Birdy into annoyed cries.

Where will I stay? What will I do ?
Scratching away at uncombed hair,
While the unsettling anxiety bored away
Miss Birdy, then climbing down her lair.

It’s never a possibility to comprehend
A mind so complex as this girl’s
Climbing next to her will perhaps
Grant me a slice of her secret pearls

Why the other behaves this way
We are really trying to comprehend
Why she tears sheets and mutters away ,
Well, Atleast, now I’m lifted as her friend.

Woah! And she wraps her skin over mine
My worries she probably doesn’t know
So burried I am with questions that,
Even this birdy mind is unable to follow

The rough glass pane always mundane
A screenplay of lives simply living on
Surprised me with a baby crawling slowly
Wriggling out like a confident little fawn

This shopowner’s kiddo now tall,bright
Smiled seemlessly into the dusty street
How could so tiny a creature promise and
Halt my mind from developing cold feet

She smiled with jeer and joy, rocking
In rhythm to mamma’s song, a baby story
As for me,My mind sensed a fresh clarity
For very it started to draw Meethu beyond his territory.

Finally Miss Birdy lazed In comfort ,
For she sensed I was ready to fall asleep
She no longer minds me gnaw at her shirt
But, I surrender to human minds this deep!

—By Miss Nilanjana Haldar

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