A cherished memory I would like to share

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

A cherished memory,
I would share with you,
And that memory I tell you,
Is too hard to find.

For we remember just hurts,
To love, I think, we are blind,
That's why, we are blind,
That's why, we are blind.

Surely you shall die,
Told the Lord Most High,
And We think, we are all alive,
Look we are blind,truly blind.

Oh fruit of Hades,
Why were you there on this earth,
You robbed us of humanity,
You brought on Earth the curse.

You ate the fruit yourself,
And gave the rest to man,
Yet your presence is beautiful,
It's like heaven every now and then.

Man was driven from heaven,
Yet heaven walked next to man,
She made His Life so beautiful,
It was as if heaven came to earth.

Remember she is your heaven,
Remember she is your life,
Helpmate given by the Lord,
You can simply call her l life.

Note:- The poem is written in response to the tile challenge . The poet looks for pleasant memories and finds that they are in dearth. Regrets the fact and blames it on eve. Who ate the fruit and also gave it to man. For he considers that it is because of the fruit ,we ate in heaven, that our mind only records, just bad things. Yet then the poet considers that it is woman who has made life as good as heaven itself for man. Truly they deserve our praise.

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