90th Musketeer Challenge” “ONE OF LIFE’S GREATEST GIFTS (SMILE)

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines


Further than staying alive,
life one's finest gift is a smile,
a smile that leads to laughter,
can even share with some strangers,

when your happiness turns into fear,
step back and make things clear,
when your situation comes into worst,
think of the beautiful things you love the most,

we may experience the unfair treatment,
we all deserved a second chance,
in every mistakes & misunderstanding,
don't hold grudge learn to forgive them,

somehow in all this negativity,
a smile is one of the finest ways,
a way to live life and to be okay,
You just have to take things easily,

not maybe today, but maybe tomorrow,
smile will take all the sorrow,
this world will be fill of laughters,
shine your smile and share it to our brothers and sisters,

in time, people will realize,
Why God sometimes make us feel bad,
so we may acknowledge the simplest gift that we had,
the smile that comes from the heart,
is a great way to help those who are sad.

#Trust in God always

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