Words! What Words?

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

What words describe our thoughts when Love is first awakened?
We live only for the present: all past loves forsaken!
What words describe unbridled joy when we walk this path unknown:
Our pleasure transcends all prior experience ever known?
But what words calm the Spirit when the road ahead gets rough,
Continued vexatious acrimony makes the going tough?
What words can ever capture the anguished feelings we feel
When fickle Love double deals, then grinds us under its callous heel?
What pain is ours, when what we thought invincible is torn apart?
Avowed true Love now lost: wounded we nurse a broken heart.
Remnants of those precious moments shared in ecstatic delight
Scattered as broken dreams! Cursed by reality: now taken flight.
What need drives us on to vanquish grief, though progress be slow?
We spurn reasoned consolation; desolated we’d gladly let life go!
From whence comes the force that provokes us to continue as we do;
Keeps us focussed to salvage beliefs once thought tried and true?
What stubborn incentive drives us to quell the fierce anger now felt,
Insists we accept Fate’s cruelties: play the cards with which we’re dealt?
Should we seek to revive the affirmation of Love - Dead? Lost? Forsaken?
Should we beg forgiveness, seek reconciliation; admit we were mistaken?
Is it too late to atone or make amends? Should we alone be held to blame,
Or accept that Love, once sworn true forever, was naught but a game?
Are there words that excuse churlish faults, to which we freely admit?
Would servile apology suffice, or will stubborn pride not permit?
I doubt mere words can excuse selfish Love’s destructive demands:
Nor ease the bitter anguish which a shattered love commands.
No trite turn of phrase can assuage the pain of a broken heart:
Nor restore a Love deceived, then devastatingly ripped apart!
Can words be found to return that which rationale cannot placate?
Though some may be found? For the lovelorn, I fear they’ll be too late!

Rhymer. July 11th, 2018.
Words may be cheap, but can cost us dearly!

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