a poem by Susan Mary O'Reilly, Ireland - poetry writer, author, poet

The hotel was dingy and down
definitely not the jewel in anyone's crown
nobody lovingly cleaned its surfaces, not properly, anyway
it suited me today
it matched my feeling of decay
something in me was rotting
what used to flow, clotting
the eyes, my windows were unclean, they needed a good scrub
but no amount of scrubbing could ever get them clean
what was seen, could not be unseen

Just like this hotel
I have been walked on too many times
my flooring becoming threadbare and worn
by curtains battered and torn
not that anyone would want to open them anymore
so I leave them drawn blocking out the world
I'm going to die in this place
my reality I can't face
it envelops me in a tight embrace
together we end a dirty disgrace
joint first in our last race
The fire I started deliberately
the hotel willingly jumped into the flames
nobody remembers our names
nothing left to identify
we flee our walls and fly

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