Its Grace i face

a poem by Danny Coon, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

My tribe,

I am only Dan
because i claimed it as my task
I'll face Heaven, I'll face Hell
To see Earth be Edan all to bask

Interpreters of dreams and visions
The story of slave and king
God promised day of true freedom
First judgement day we bring

For God to judge us, must we judge God
It was Christ who spoke this rule
There ain't nuttin" easy about today
Today doth test whole school

Keep in mind what you have learned
For true to each is each alone
We can only be the true ourself
It is the only feel we've ever known

Tomorrow may be different
Perhaps will nothing chance
But to GOD our GOD alone i pray
That's the way i dance

I hope tomorrow is a better day
But today for me ain't bad
I have eyes not filled with hate
Still i hate what makes me sad

Go figure?

- danny

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