Wear the wedding clothes of the Lamb

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Wear wedding clothes,
Provided by the Lamb,
You need to attend the feast,
No other options are present, just heed.

When the man walked out of the garden,
Garden of Eden I mean,
God provided him clothes,
Even for the wedding feast, you need.

These clothes are clothes of righteousness,
Created by the lamb who died,
You need to wear it for forgiveness,
No other way to heaven, can one try.

It covers our sins, you know,
It covers us from god's wrath,
Fire awaits the unprepared,
Wear the wedding clothes of the Lamb.

Note,:- The poem talks about, how man
came out of heaven, wearing leather clothes, provided by God. Clothes made of animal skin. The clothes for going back to heaven are made by His sacrifice, ie the sacrifice of Christ Himself on the cross. We all need to be covered by His grace for then only we can reach the wedding feast.ie heaven.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper
God's love and spiritual poems
A cherished memory I would like to share

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