Slice of City Life ( A Poem on People in the Subway, a poetess’ impression)

a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India

As the steel-runner zooms back into the air,
I see no new reason whatsoever to care
How folks here behave in silent variety
Faces of hope, fear, laughter and gizmo-anxiety.

I donot have the ears that would produce and compile,
Double-wires feeding ears with multitude of music-files
Unnoticed is the birth of inspiration the pickpocketeer
Feels one day, noticing a handsome, sturdy, studious engineer

No, you don’t stop at this little inspirational subway-story
Or the rare fellas that offer seats to our pops in hurry
I see no reason to notice a silent tear run down
cheeks of a newly - married with a skin so brown.

People rejoice in different ways, the next being
Two fat ladies, happy,laughing and gleeing,
For they know the Ayurvedic diet-talk they conversed over,
Was too stringent a routine for their lazy-selves to cover.

While friendships and love show themselves openly enough,
And the Toddlers twinkle their eyes over cotton-cloth-fluff,
I sit fitting clouds into milliards of formations
As the gizmo-wired people stay lost across stations.

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