Give peace a chance

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Seek not peace in pieces of silver,
Seek not peace in pieces of gold,
Neither do they have it,
Nor can it be sold.

Peace in pieces of silver,
Peace in pieces of gold.
If only peace could be bought,
If only this could be sold,

Gift of God,are free gifts
Free for all mankind,
Neither can they be bought,
Nor can they be sold.

Everyone is, seeking peace,
Yet fail to find the same,
World is seeking it in arms,
I consider it a shame.

Alexander died with outstretched arms,
What could could He take away,
Why fight for parishable,
When none can take away.

Ashoka the mighty king of our land,
What did He realize,
After the battle of kalingha,
His dream of empire didst die.

What did He seek for in the end,
Was it lands and more lands,
King could understand futility,
Why don't you understand.

The groaning of the war ,
Reached the king ear,
It hit Him right in His heart,
From war the king didst part.

A terrorist who blows himself,
Is also seeking peace,
Teach my soul teach me,
Teach me the meaning of peace

Prince of peace can impart it,
Would we give Him a chance,
Seek not peace in broken pots,
Pray for peace that lasts.

R. A. Jacob

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