The Most Precious Gift For Me. Musketeer 90th Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

A most precious gift for me,
is the love of my wife,
who, for many exciting years,
has blessed my life.
With her ever loving ways,
She, a wife and loving Mother,
is a precious gift, that came my way
on a day, that was like no other
It was a moment in my life,
which Fate had surely designated.
Vows were made, our bond was sealed,
and off we went to see what next awaited?
Though it was a cold mid-December morn,
we had no fears as to our future days,
as we quickly learned to adjust our lives
and embrace each others ways.
Though tribulations assailed our bond,
our love has never waned.
When blessed with three children,
life still proceeded as ordained,
for with true love, I was blessed that day.
Pauline was a gift beyond compare,
and she becomes more precious still,
thanks to the loving life we share.
You can keep your Diamonds, your Pearls:
your Sapphires and glitzy hoard,
but I set no store on silver or gold.
It’s within my heart, my gift is stored.
My most precious gift is one unique,
that was awarded me, most generously.
It was a generous gift - my greatest reward,
and the most precious gift Life’s given me!

Rhymer. August 4th, 2018.

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