a poem by Lisalyn Almendarez, Belize - poetry writer, author, poet

and then she stepped out
of the crumpled mess
one leg at a time
and shook off the tiny
piece of fabric that clung to her,
the epitome of womanhood (according to him)

The scent he left behind
no longer made her smile,
no longer made her sad,
no longer made her cry,
was nothing more than
an annoying convenience,
like the itch caused by a tiny
healing wound...necessary evil

and as she walked away from
the pale heap of the worn out mess on the floor,
climb into the warmth of
not nearly enough thread count,
she smiled, chuckled, then,
let out a squeal of delight
for this night, marked with a
a cool bottle of her favorite
wine (she saved the cork)
SHE became 'enough,'
SHE is now all SHE needs
and nothing he wants!
she never was, she always knew
but tonight, AND tomorrow and evermore
SHE is OK with it.

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