Three Quarters of a Century!

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

Tomorrow is my birthday,
I will be seventy-five!
Three quarters of a century,
and I am still alive!

Don’t ask me how I managed it,
I just don’t have a clue
Was it merely luck or fate
that always brought me through?

They say the good die young,
well, what does that say about me?
I stumbled in my youth, but
now I stumble ‘cause I can’t see!

Danced my way through my twenties,
never thought my legs would fail.
Ate my share of junk food,
and a lot of champagne and ale!

When I arrived in my fifties,
I finally came to my senses…
Decided it was time to wake up
and start to mend some fences!

Gave up the booze, the fatty food,
and all the gooey treats
The candy, cookies, cakes and such,
and no more processed meats.

And though I think that is why
I’ve achieved another birthday…
I’ll grab my walker, and my friends,
and we’ll all go out and play!

*I might even have a sip of champagne! Wish you all could join me!

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