Comfort Words

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Comfort words and positive ideas give you nothing to dread
You don’t have to share with others what is inside your head

Why fight battles if peace is your only gain
It is stupid to think thoughts that cause you pain

Don’t think about the negatives that obnoxious people project
Every moment of peace is what you need to protect

Don’t fight battles because the momentum of the moment, concede
Calm well based thoughts are the food from which you should feed

It’s you thinking negatives thoughts, stop yourself, only you can
Triumph over world’s sorrow, don’t be a defeated man

Don’t put thoughts in your head that will grind
Comfort words and peaceful thoughts are your greatest find

Revengeful thoughts are useless for karma equalizes the wrong
It’s hard in times of trouble to revel in song

Comfort words, let them flow into your mind
Balance the world with softness, or the hardness will make you unkind

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