a poem by Thomas Chisholm, UK

4th January 1967

She powers across the water
In the early morning light

Rising violently up and over
Then disappears out of sight

Donald Campbell lost his life today
When Bluebird crashed in a wall of spray

His record attempt was not in vain
As man and machine did Coniston claim

No waving of flags or hall of fame
Just 34 years in solitary shame

Rescued from her watery grave
A Titan of Britain's golden age

Pulled from the depths to be reborn
This bird of blue all battered and torn

Patiently restored to her former glory
Adds another chapter to a remarkable story

Like a phoenix from a time gone by
That could draw a tear to ones eye

A wish that Coniston will surely make
Is the return of the lady of the lake

Donald Campbell
( 1921 - 1967 )

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