The Guardian Angles

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I am right here and I see you. I am willing to take on that pain. Give me a mountain and I shall turn it to sand. My clock is no clock; my calendar clears for no one. I leave you my memories and alliterate the senses with my stories of triumphs and failures, accomplishments and Greed. Is it wrong to want more yet deserve so much less? Or, do we get what we deserve when we ask for the best?

Lord you have blessed me to be settled here so well! No war at our doorsteps, no hunger or thirst because charity is accessible to all, and capitalism supplies endless amounts of jobs. Thank you, God, for giving us America and our abilities to "Do right." We can lead by example and treat thy brothers as we would expect to be treated. We must help our family, our planet, and our world in the best ways that we can.

[Provide security and a response to the displacement and mistreatment of Christians around the world]

Can you see my soul? Bare to all who read it, The Blog, more like "Why is the World?... What?" It sticks to your belly, like a bad taste in your mouth. Incorrigible youth, Fantasies gone Wrong. Belief and Faith, instant crumble, bring us forth those amongst us who are humble. As I have seen the greatest tumble, apathy is high when it is I who avoids the stumble.

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