Humanity's Admonition

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Look on it
Think on it
consider what's at stake.
You never know which decision
May change your life.
You never know if the path you lead
Is the path of the righteous, or the act of a Gentleman.
One serenade away from stealing a heart
One kiss from changing a Life

What was once yours is now ours
The change, although surprising is no suprise, in the eyes of the Father.
The Deliverence is upon us as the time is at hand, a last stand for love,
too much to take
for those who let destiny pass them by.
Make the most of every opportunity
Play the game the way it's supposed to be played.

One chance, one shot at Glory.
We will be judged, We will have fame and fortune
The game is set-up for those Dreamers like Me,
Greatness is subjective and even Greatness might not be enough.

Take heed the warning, the 2nd coming has been prophesized and if there is faith then we know that it is on the way. Make that change today! Find the Heart of Christ, Strive to be Christ-like, for Hate and Violence shall be destroyed, only one Mindset of Peace and prosperity for all, only one World to be shared amongst us all.

Those still to come will look back at our problems and the many atrocities of our 21st Century World with Shame, if we could change it now, Then "Now!" Was the time! One leader, one faith, one mind-frame of Peace. We must prepare Chirst's Kingdom for his return.

Humanity's Admonition

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