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a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

To strive for Greatness, an admirable pursuit, Perfection!
Reflection of our youth, in the delivery of the words and phrases, the crazes, trendy and for fools, Those amongst us who
buy-in to the brainwashing and believe in what people "Ought-to-be." Passing Judgment, while buying into "Originality"
Yet "Selling-out" seemed like a criminality,
Vitality, the essence of being in one's prime
Living each day for the Moment that will change us forever and, yet still, everyday the memory will be the same
The Blame, The Cool taming of the Heart that still believes that Love shall light the way, Touche

For we are the Pretenders and Dreamers that visualize change and make it happen,
We were the believers in prayer and the holders of Hearts of Compassion, and we're still the problem-solving intellectuals that will change the world through Art, through Movies, In Books.
If people didn't know then we needed to point it Out!
We indeed need to dig our ways out,
There was no turning away from recognizing the enormity of this mess,
No avoiding the turmoil of what the world had become. To say something was to care, To work at solving the problems was to understand, To come together was gaining humanity a consciousness,
Peace was still within reach; we had to work at it! The time was now to put fear behind us, the world was changing, We were changing, They told us that change was coming and we did not prepare for the Change! Now we knew, now we were prepared!

Written with Peace in Mind

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