Where we meet

a poem by Niniel Dreyer, South Africa

I`m in the same place as last night
As every night
I search through the crowd for a dim light
You are my dim hope
I sit still, as the world
moves too fast for me, and my heart starts racing,
as my eyes meet you
Your hair follows behind you,
like shadow water.
When you look my way,
your eyes pierce through my soul,
as they did the night before.
This is where we will meet,
in the windows of my soul.
Everything around me stopped breathing,
as I absorbed the moment,
as I observed you.
Your lips where shaped to fit with mine.
How sweet will my honey lips taste on yours?
How bitter the lonelynes we dare to bare each night?
The fear of coming together,
the fear of fitting perfectly,
only to be rebuilt another day.
Two peaces
Two strangers
Walking through life,
thirsting for each other,
but we know
this way we are perfect.
You don`t know me,
`s I don`t know you.
We stare at each other,
as we do every night.
In peace
We never spoke
We never met
We are perfect
In love and in peace
I love you
As you love me
And this is where we meet,
in the windows of my soul

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