All I Wanted To Do Was Be Around You,

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

All I wanted to do was be around you,
You had stolen my desire to pursue anything else other
then to think about you, To pray you might Forgive Me.

Wishful Thinking, Hopeful Wishing
Proof that I would never get over the relationship
The relationship that I failed to protect.
All my relationships have some defects
Mostly me, but a few times them.
We parted ways hoping everything was Zen
A thief of my heart, Holder of my happiness
The creator of our children, the bringer of so much Bliss. The Pride and Joy of my life, our life
our legacy, their legacies. That was my purpose
Now, to do what I could to make it easier for them. Maybe it would be harder if Fame made their privacy go away. Ha! What a Dream!

The irony was that so many times in life we don't realize what we have, We don't understand how good we have it until it is gone. Whether it's Mom or Grandma or love in any form,
Too often we take these precious connections for granted, Maybe we don't realize the struggles that others have in finding love or keeping love.
It was all just a lesson, Life was a Lesson
With real life stories of success, and heartache and despair
there would be no limits to justice on either side of the scale,
Our purpose was to live our unique journeys and not to question why, not to judge ourselves against one another,
We are all just people, some good, some bad
And almost all dumb with youth, or ignorance
or a mixture of the both. Sometimes learning tough lessons in life Makes us who we are and who we become, Who we think we are. The more you know the better you can prepare!


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