Chaddy Friday

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Get me away,
As far away from Reality
As we could get.

Maybe to a place where the weather is always perfect,
A time when peace rules and crime took a vacation.

Wouldn't that be a nice change

Out beyond the clouds.

Where Angels soar and the pure energy radiates,
In Spirit, we have been set free

All that was, not meant to be
Can we care
What dreams, What stares

The elephant in the room
The alligator in the Sewer
Either would consume us

What was us?
An invisible elephant in the Room like it's in a cage.
The reptile with the lies
A time to reflect
With gratitude I correct
My attitude, your attitude

We live free, We tell ourselves that we are Loved

But Love is just a faze.
A period of your life

The blood through the veins
As eyes show no pain
Numb, careless, too young
The story of the forgotten lives
And redemption being only one pay check away.
To feel Power
To chase Fame
All of life seemed just like a game

Moments sometimes feel unreal,
The Past is the Wormhole
That gives us that light
To believe that we had it good
Was to say that again we never would
But who would say such a thing?
Only one, in a World without Reality.

"They call me Chaddy Friday"

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