Toughts of You

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Thoughts of you, the feeling of your touch
like an exhilaration of energy to the Spirit.
In your eyes I long for the approval
Through your smile I could live a thousand lifetimes
The smell of your freshly washed hair,
The sound of your breathing while you slept beside me,
Every fear realized when you left me,
I felt my heart die, only later was it raised from the ashes
The crisis, nothing more than the Learning Curve that is Life.

Burn some, Burnt by others
We digress in Trust, Stuck in Regret, Not Lust.
To others we deliver the "Ever After" of happiness
As only shells of the true unbroken souls we once were, we used to Fly
High on a belief in our "Perceived Destiny," As only two fools in love can do. Time goes by, we lose our Youth
It fades like our beauty, we GROW old, brave and wise
Yet never immune to failure. To live is to have failed
To forgive is the goal, A talk that should never be taken lightly.
To be thankful, To be Humble, To be good enough to eat at God's table


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