My Baby Brother and Me ( Love and the Universal Karma)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

In a room of gentle love, in the middle of the room,
sat my baby brother and me. He bounced up
and down on my knee, as if he was riding a horse.
Stop crying! Stop crying ! I whisper into the warm blanket
of air, that covered our home through the squares that formed
the windows.
Just when I thought having a baby in the house couldn't
be more fun. The teething has begun.
Drifting in the air was a mixture of Baby Powder and
Orajel, that tasted just like coconut.
The teething reminded me of eating a hot pepper,
when your mouth floods with saliva, your eyes tear up,
and your nose runs. A rash had appeared, and started
itching, as if my brother had chicken pox.
Soon, everyone in the house will take turns as night owls,
pacing back and force as if a solider. Always wondering
if these sleepless nights will ever end? Will the crying
ever stop?
The air was a mixture of laughter, and smiles, as all
that chewing, drooling, and biting was about to pay off.
I see something pointy, and it feels as sharp as a pin.
Its not as bright as an artist masterpiece of color, in fact
its the color of snow, and about the size of a tiny nail.
It took six months, but its finally here, babies first tooth.
Now, there a tiny tooth to brush, up and down and all around.
The first pearly whites are always a treasure.
In this room of gentle love, my brother and I were tested by nature first hurt. We were joined together out of love and a universal Karma, my baby brother and me.

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