The Hopeful Messenger

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

There was a man who stayed up at night whose faith was stronger than most possessed. Reading the Bible and believing he was the key, the link that could chain together the futures' "Bridge to Peace;" not just in America, but worldwide. We were lead to believe that the man read the Bible in the hopes of gaining the trust of the Almighty so that one day it might be so.
He practiced discipline in order to stick to the plan. The man felt that he had been granted his wish and thus was indebted in servitude to spread the good news. Some looked at him as crazy, others straight called him insane, not once did it bother him because he didn't care what others thought of him. The truth was his savior, the doubters could go to hell. He prayed for them, then he prayed for himself, he knew that so many had been mislead before, they had been lied to, corrupted, violated, and many wound up dead. Maybe they were the lucky ones who were partying ahead. We could end the suffering, we could provide for those who had nothing. We needed to respect the rights of those out there who are less fortunate than us, we needed to ensure their right to human dignity, for the 21st Century still had not granted the impoverished that right.

Who were the people who ruled us? These corrupted elite, so full of Greed and Pride, thier Dirty Deeds were Wars and Famine, also guilty of taking advantage of the ultra-poor when the situation is truly examined.

Jesus would surely shame those who were continuously turning away from his Canon!

Only the worthy would talk to him, for the others could not hear, the Son of God had come to him and assured him not to fear! For the afterlife is better, this first-life just a test. Heaven is deserving and accepting only of the Best. Those who quest for Peace are Blessed. Don't take this warning lightly, it's never to be second guessed. Peace amongst Brothers forever! We can change Now! Until then we shall continue to try to do our best!

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