The Master of Wave and Sea

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

As the winds then all blew;
And ‘cross, that storm then flew;
.....As the sky became cloudy and gray.
As the waves, then rose high,
Up t’ward that dark sky;
.....Those billowing waves that came that day.

And the sun then was gone;
As those storm winds raged on;
.....That brought to their heart, a deep fear.
As each wave held sway,
On this dark stormy day.
.....A Light seen afar, then grew near

That storm was then deferred,
By a voice that was heard.
.....That storm was, by those words then filled.
And those winds that all blew;
And those raindrops that flew;
.....Stopped by those soft words: “Peace, be still”.
From whence then came, a balm;
A soft soothing calm;
.....As from fear, they then were set free.
And peace it was, he brought,
Through lessons he then taught;
.....By the Master of waves and sea.

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