a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India

Today (13 September 2018) marks the beginning of the festival Of Lord Ganesha ,the elephant Headed God, of infinite wisdom, benevolence, and auspiciousness. Let him bless the entire globe to be free from malice, selfishness hatred, violence, bigotry, falsehood ,which make the beautiful mother Earth, a veritable hell ! Accept with grace our humble offering and bless everyone to be cheerful as you always are, and wipe out the dark looming clouds of misery and agony ! Obeisance to your sacred feet!

Arrive with grace, and majesty
Oh Lord Ganesha!
With all the fanfare,
With loud cheers in the air
Your retinue of auspicious and happiness,
Your two queens of Ridhi and Siddhi*
Spreading ever widening circles
Of blessedness and bliss
You, the remover of all obstacles
In worldly and spiritual pursuits !

Your benevolent glance reassures us,
That you are omnipresent,
An all knowing God with a fear allaying pose,
Raised to allay fears
Of the dangers-
Lurking in the dense jungles
Of the world, ever teeming with predators,
Of all sizes and shapes !

You are original writer of all scriptures,
As you heard them all,
From the invisible heavens
As truth's golden letters,
Which also is the score for the music of the spheres
As they glide gracefully in their celestial orbits ,
Keeping time with a rhythm ,
Unknown to the human ears
But comprehended by you, of great munificence

Bless us, oh Lord ,always
To seek the paths of righteousness,
Upright and fearless-
Of what is beyond our senses,
You know it all, and kindly guide us
In our daily toils
Accept our humble prayers
To reach the true and everlasting
Worlds of knowledge,wisdom and bliss
Beyond the burden of mundane existence !

As I am writing this, I am seeing the sinister eye of ' FLORENCE' hurricane edging towards the coast of USA.
Protect the innocent folks from the ravages of destruction and loss . Thy will be done, Obeisance !
** Ridhi and Siddhi, mean Worldy glory and other worldly spiritual wealth !

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