dear world

a poem by Franjo M Modlic, Australia

dear world Australian farmers are in drought,
praying for rain to cool this dry ground.
they need water that is no doubt,
stock are dying and being sold for nothing,
taking away from our farmers table to feed their animals,
we need a break in this mad, mad dry spell,
not a soul can explain what they are going through,
no word can explain or tell.
ground is brown with soil nothing on it,
no crops in areas, been formed green,
not even fit for any stock at all,
none can explain or tell what is seen,
we need clouds of loving rain to heal,
the burnt brown ground,
when some farmers have reduced stocks,
because of no blade of green to be found,
our country is coming together to help where we can.
it is not good and cant be explained how bad,
to see and hear what is happening is sad.
here is to the drought braking and raining safe water.
with follow up rain to keep there stock,
with the some that are left into a proper flock.
with more rain we need we really do,
to our farmer we need you we really do.

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