a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

How many struggles,
You hold, in your arms, and
They say women is weak,
I think, only, inexperience can speak.

The burdens, a woman carries,
Are many, beyond compare,
Only she can handle them,
None other can ever dare.

Fight your battle, on your knees,
He will step in from your side,
The walls of Jericho fell,
So will it be this time?

I can't help you,
I can't wipe your tears,
He is might, almighty,
To Him, you are very dear.

Your tears can wash off, strongholds
If you, lift up, your hands, in prayer,
I tell your father is mighty,
He cares for your every tear.

Note:- I wrote this poem looking at the tears in a girl's eyes. She wanted to hide them from her mother. As she realized that I saw it she acted as if something had fallen in her eyes.

Whenever circumstances try.
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Whenever circumstances try.

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