You Weren't Supposed To Write Prophecy

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

You weren't supposed to write prophecy,
So like most of my words of substance, I'd misspell it,
Sci-Fi, like solidify the Sin of the Author.
For fun, or for future fortune,
I didn't say I'd have ALL the answers.
But I believed we could all do better,
We'd all have to pay our Dues,
Yet the world could still have its way with us,
No fuss unless we were "Thou who hast been F'd over."
True indeed that hearts are made to be broken, to get shattered
And rebuilt, rekindled, reworked, rewired, renewed
That's Life, Rebirth, Recommitment, Resilance
Relaunched! There was no stopping the cycle
It was the way it was, It is! what It is.

Life would be...

What you make of it, What you made of it.


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