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The great freedom fighters have summoned and put their life at risk
only for today to let the powerful enjoy and whisk

Is it the ignorance of the powerful in the name of God
why the common man is always the beaten fraud

Why is it always put on the society in the name of corruption
when only few are getting the benefits whilst Anna is doing the Anshan

Stop putting your own economy over the right
let a new nation emerge and let India fight

Why is it not a joint alliance or a single power for once
why are we beating ourselves in a field with no runs

Why the agendas are not clear, why the government fails
is it for today that the freedom fighters were exhaled

Induced in all the fighters was blood that still exist
Leaving this HIMS (religion- hindu muslim sikh isai + violence - hinsa) behind we can together form the fist

Why the discussion over the two nations is so fragile
that even the ministers are threatened to launch the missiles

Hindu Muslim Sikh Christianity
The way it should be is the only way and it is Humanity

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