Love Will Save The Day

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Something Here is Not like the Others
Something Here has me thankful for Grace.
Time Heals, Energy Builds
Love shines, Kindness don't Kill um
Shine on like the Sun passes each day.

Golden Gates, Heaven Waits for the Chosen
Angels touch each cheek of our face,
Armor Words, Piercing the Hate.
Better days, I know we all can't wait.
So much sadness, Encouraged by Madness
The World can change
Only with Faith.
Greed Rules us, We buy into becoming Fools
Dreamers, Peace Believers, Recievers of the Fire
The Spirit Burns Bright, Boundless energy
Flows through us Spiritually
I have no energy as you seem to think I would
No Pressure, No Power, yet my Words are my Armor, my Actions the Spearhead
My thoughts are contagious, Like catching the Lord.
Be ready for the Enilghtenment draws Near
There is no safety except for Love.
Love will guide the way,
Love will save the day!
In Jesus name we pray.


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