This is my answer

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Thank you for all the favours,
Thank for all your grace,
I know I live on your favour,
I know I have plenty of grace.

This is my answer to the scornful,
This is my answer to those who doubt,
I am more than sufficient,
When in His love, I abound.

I stand not on my power,
I stand on the solid rock,
Rock, that can crush to pieces,
Rock, on which none should fall.

Rock of ages, my solid stand,
I need no more protection,
For I am led by the nail pierced hands,
Who in my shortcomings, Himself stands.

Note:- The rock in this poem refers to Christ. None should fall means none should doubt His credentials that He is God.

The big question is
All my poems
They have forgotten

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