A bee and I ( The 93rd Challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I sat under a peach tree who's pink satin blossoms
were beautiful, and covered all the branches.
The blossoms were about the size of a quarter.
A few Birds were singing from a distance
tree, and even one off key.
Drifting in the air was a smell sweeter then honey,
that mixed in with freshly mowed grass, and my
Peppermint gum.

Along came a fuzzy, yellow and black stripe honey
bee. It buzzed me, as if a low flying plane, and played
a game of follow the leader, as it followed me out
from under the tree. As if it was leaving me a message,
it soon hummed near my ear ,flapping it glass like wings .
With its five eyes, it flew straight towards my nose and "Ouch,"
it stung me, leaving my nose swollen, and red, as if it was
Rudolph's nose. It also strung me somewhere else.

Bee's are wonderful, Bees are great, however, never get
in the way of their work.
As I write this poem, I cannot sit down. I have become
a Poet at heart, cause I hear the love of nature's sweet notes,
and feel the sting.

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